Technology changes over the years

It's almost a given that technology is going to change over time. The tech sector is renowned for the speed in which an idea can turn into a marketable reality. It's one of the few industries which move fast enough that even the general public will take note. However, people are usually less aware of the social impact that technology can have. For example, people look on their childhoods with a lot of fond nostalgia. Those people will expect similar experiences for their own children. But in doing so, parents often forget how much impact technology can have on the experience. A decade or so is all it takes to dramatically change how people live. Today, for example, kids will almost certainly need a laptop for school. This leaves many parents at a total loss. People who grew up with computers as something only for university students will now have to decide what's appropriate for grade school children. It can be a rather intimidating choice at first. But a few simple tips are often enough to streamline the experience.  

Things to consider


The most important thing to remember when looking for laptops for kids is size. Children need a laptop that's appropriate for their smaller frames. This isn't just about weight either. Children's hands aren't suited for the same types of keyboards that an adult would use. Other than that one should also keep performance in mind. In general kids won't need nearly as high powered a system as an adult would. The simple homework and assignments children receive don't call for much processing power. All of this comes together to create an ideal for children's laptops. They should be small in both physical size and general hardware specs. If that's kept in mind than a child's laptop use can grow as he does. 



     If there are children in your life who you feel are ready to own their own laptops, it is important for you to know how to complete the work of shopping for such devices. If you care about a child, you want the best for them in all that you purchase for them. When you are shopping for a laptop that they will be able to use, you want to make sure that you find the kind that is going to offer them a good experience. Consider all that you should look for as you seek out laptops for kids. 

Laptops for Kids Need to be Simple in Design:

     A child thinks in a simple way and they do not want to sit down with their new laptop only to find that it is too complicated for them to understand and that they will be able to accomplish nothing on it. You need to find a laptop that is put together in a simple way if you are hoping to have a child get good use out of it. 

Laptops for Kids Needs to be Fairly Priced:

     You know that anything that a child uses is going to go through a lot and that it will wear out quickly. The laptop that you pick out for a child has to be priced in a way that is fair and that will not make you feel too bad when the laptop gets beat up.

Find the Right Laptops for Kids:


     As you are considering the various laptop options that are out there, make sure that you know what makes one work out well for a child and what stops one from being a good pick for a child.




Look Up The Best Laptops For Kids

If you want to find a good laptop to give to your kids, then you will want to know that it is one that has been made with kids in mind. There are some laptops like that that are really good, and then there are some that are like that and that are disappointing. So, you should not just know that it has been made for kids, but that it has also been made in a really good and professional way.


Everyone Will Love The New Laptop You Buy

When you make sure that it is good in every way, and not just for kids, you will pick up something that everyone will love. Your kids will really enjoy getting on it and doing all of the things that they need to do, and you will even have fun when you let yourself use it, too. The laptop will be something that you're glad you paid some good money on because it will last to help you and your kids accomplish a lot, and you will enjoy using it every time that you do that.


Look At Reviews And Test Laptops Out

There are many ways to go about finding out which laptops are better than others, and when you want to do that simply, you will look up reviews online. People are often honest in their reviews, and you will quickly figure out whether or not a laptop is a joke from the reviews that you find online. Looking at laptops in real life and testing them out is a good thing to do, too, and you should do that before you buy a new kids laptop. For more info click on laptops for kids.


While buying laptops for kids, you may not use the same approach of buying you use when looking for a laptop for yourself. Kids have different needs and while choosing a laptop for them, you should consider some important factors like the weight of the laptop and size, because you don’t want to buy a huge machine that your child cannot carry around easily. Below is a fair comparison that should give you ideas for choosing the best laptops for kids.  

HP Stream 11-r010nr (Notebook, 11.6 Inch)

The best way to initialize the list is by mentioning the HP Stream 11-r010nr, which is one of the most useful laptops for kids. The processor used in the laptop is the Intel Celeron Processor, which comes with 1.6 GHz frequency that can boost to 2.16 GHZ. For general purpose use, the speed and power of the processor is sufficient and considering kids may not run heavy programs like Photoshop, the HP Stream 11-r010nr is an ideal choice. The laptop is also light, at 2.6 lbs, which allows your kid to carry it around effortlessly.  

The Toshiba Satellite C855D-S5320 (15.6 Inch)

Your list should also feature the Toshiba Satellite C855D-S5320, which is able to handle slightly larger workload including light gaming. It comes with the AMD E-Series Dual-Core Processor, which packs 1.7 GHz and a 2BG DIMM RAM, and over 500 GB HDD. The screen is comparatively large at 15.6 inches and is suitable for gaming and video/image editing, plus it also offers an AMD Radeon HD 7340Graphics card, which helps it to perform better. Most importantly, the laptop comes with windows 8 OS pre-installed. The keyboard is comfortable, there is lots of storage capacity and the prices are pocket-friendly. Basically, it is a decent choice for a budget laptop ideal for your child.

It is a tough decision to choose the right laptop for your child school needs and maybe personal needs. In the paragraphs below I will give you the gist of 5 top laptops that are useful for your child.

HP Stream 11-r010nr 11.6 inch Notebook

With this laptop I like to mention is a really good one. This one has a great battery life, comes with window 10 (great for homework assignments), great built laptop, and it also has different style to fit your child’s personality. The only thing that is bad about this laptop is the storage is tiny, nothing a memory stick/card couldn’t fix.

ASUS T100 10 inch laptop

This laptop I would say is my second best choice. It is has amazing battery life up to 9 hours, lightweight which makes it easy to transport and very versatile, and great speakers. The only problem is the keyboard dock can be a bit tricky to reattach.

ASUS Chromebook flip 10.1 inch

This laptop has a 9 hour battery life, it is really fast like speedy Gonzales fast, also has touchscreen that is quick to respond to your touch, and lightweight for easy transferring. The downfall from this almost seemingly perfect laptop is you cannot install MS office which can make it tricky for assignments and you must have an internet service for it to work properly.

Toshiba Satellite C855D-S5320 15.6 inch

The best part of this one is the price it is really good price for first time computer, it has great storage, the keyboard is comfortable and easy to use, and the size of the screen is nice and big. The problem with this one touch pad and the USB port, the touch pad has a very hollow feel to it don’t know how long it will last and the USB ports are super sensitive I would worry about them going out as well.

Golden gulf 7 inch computer laptop

The best thing about this is good built for the money, it is light and easy portable. The downfall is the battery it doesn’t last for more than 2 hours and the screen is really small. 

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